Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Maybe Jenn and I are having similar weeks but here it is, my day again and I've got nothin'!!
However, I was in Kohl's yesterday and for some unknown reason I was humming the song from the Sound of Music about "these are a few of my favorite things". Maybe it was the excitement of actually being at Kohl's with a 30%-off peel away thing in my purse that had Julie Andrews singing to me. I was only there to pay my bill but a cute necklace and matching ring still managed to find me! They go well with the dress I plan to wear to my brother-in-law's wedding on Saturday, the dress that will look best if I don't eat anything between now and Saturday but perhaps every one's vision will be blurred by my dazzling new jewelry! Anyhow, I started making my own list of "a few of my favorite things" goes...
Seashells and beach glass...fountains, especially ones that are lit up at night like at Disney...really neat and tidy landscaping (probably because mine isn't! That is another thing I love about Disney)...okay, Disney World!!!...clean sheets...painted toe nails and flip flops...corn on the cob...the color of a swimming pool...sun tanned skin (I know, I know, it's bad for you but silver jewelry looks so pretty with a tan)...the smell of mowed grass...big front porches with chairs...pens (oh golly, I had to go there J, sometimes I am late for work because I can't decide which pen I want to use for the day!)...paper of any sort... reading in bed...chocolate milkshakes...when babies sleep with on their bellies with their little bums in the air...tea, hot or iced...brand new make-up...getting a letter in the mail...laughing really hard...the big bouncy trampoline at Brown's Berry Patch (it is hilarious and makes you almost pee your pants)...a Christmas tree at night...the song service at church...the library...the tomato, basil, orzo soup at Wegman's...organized drawers (like when I opened a kitchen drawer at Mar's and it was beyond perfection!)...the way my kids can crack each other movies...bird cubes (I like to chew them, it's very annoying to those around you)...stickers...watching my cats stretch (they look like Halloween kitties when their backs arch up)...grandfather clocks...daffodils...lip gloss...fluffy towels...the mayor (that's J's nick name for my better half)...and staying up late!!! Make your own list, it was fun!!
Lulu's smile for the week: ?
Lulu's frown for the week: ?
I don't think Lulu had time to frown or smile this week, she is one busy girl, hopefully she will be back on here soon but for now she is working hard being a student and a swimmer and a dancer and a oboe player and a Saturday soccer player and a bible go girl!
Nel's smile for the week: Jenn's blog post, definitely!
Nel's frown for the week: our pool is down to 65!


  1. yay! love this idea! i'm starting to compile my list...maybe saturday misses me :)
    ps. one of my NOT favorite things is the sound of music!!!!! ♥J.

  2. I Loved this! what a great idea... but I have to say.. i do have one drawer that is not organized....for a certain price.. ill show it to you..!!! hehe. ~Mar*


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