Saturday, September 11, 2010

i ♥ pears

hello Saturday...i like you
ok...i really, really love pears...they're my all-time favorite's gotta be that gritty sweet goodness that's got me for the past few years i've been making pear-cinnamon jam around this time of year right when the taylor gold pears (in my opinion the best pears in the universe & for canning) are in abundance at wegs...and for whatever reason i can't find my jam recipe and to make matters worse a few people have been waiting on me to relay this delicious info to them and now i can' i checked a couple of my go-to sites for a new recipe and i'm so excited 'cause the one i found is almost identical to mine (as far as i remember) except better! and for those who don't possess canning equipment try the inversion method i discovered when i first started making jam...follow all the steps except for the water bath and instead flip jars over on their lids, the heat & pressure from the jam will seal the wax ring on the inside of the lid...leave them inverted for 5 min then flip 'em back'll know it's sealed when the poppy button thingy on top of the jar doesn't move anymore (it takes a couple hours for the seal to suction so don't panic when you flip them back over and the poppy button thingy still pops) really works! now i'm itchin' to make me some jam

♥ enjoy...

ps. click on the pic to make cute jam jar labels from's nice & simple, perfect for gift giving


  1. Looks so cute and yummy at the same time!

  2. Pears are my fave also! Bartlett. Had 4 trees in my front yard growing up :) Would go to the road to wait for the bus early so I could pick breakfast from the trees. Got an extra jar for the mayor?

  3. never leave the mayor hangin' when it comes to jam :D as soon as i make some i'll call city hall ♥J.


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