Monday, September 6, 2010

Garden Mistake = Yummy Stew

Is that a butternut squash plant growing in my garden? I didn't plant any butternut squash! Did I?! After thinking about this I realized that perhaps after I sent my husband to the store for a yellow summer squash plant he actually came home with a butternut squash plant and we planted it without knowing. What a pleasant surprise! Except believe it or not I have never made anything with butternut squash, I don't even know how to cook it! YIKES! So after looking through all my cookbooks I found a recipe that I could use my surprise vegetable in. Of course it's a Giada recipe from her cookbook "Giada's Kitchen". It's called beef and butternut squash stew. It was delicious and the herbs from my garden gave it the perfect touch!
My beautiful butternut squash is ready for the pot!
All the ingredients ready to cook!! mmmm....


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