Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mod Podge Your Gift Tag

This past weekend little A was invited to her first birthday party (for little E!).  So in spirit of the day I called little E's mom (Mar) to "ask" what should we get her for her birthday.  Her response was "clothes" (as her first little one was born in a complete different season).  And for me buying little girl problem....this is ultimate fun!!!!  However, after I had made my store bought purchases....I had this little sad feeling inside...."nothing is homemade about our gift!"  Now you crafters out there understand....when you LOVE crafting and being creative doing it is a necessity, it's like breathing...(OK maybe I am a little carried away).  ANYHOOO  this is how I gave my store bought gift some homemade love.

One wooden letter (mine was medium size)
Scrap booking paper (I use patterned paper)
Mod Podge (my fav)
Sponge applicators
Nail File
Acrylic Paint

  1. Take the wooden letter and trace out on the scrap booking paper the shape of the front and back.  Cut out.
  2. Paint the edges your desired color (I like a acrylic because it dries in a snap)
  3. After the paint is dry apply the paper with Mod Podge to the wooden block, let it dry
  4. Sand the edges (where the paper meets the wood) with nail file.  This gives it a nice worn look that I love.
  5. You may write on the paper addressing the gift if you like
  6. Mod Podge all sides to seal, let dry
  7. Affix to gift with ribbon


  1. This is so much better than spending $5 on a card!! And it's probably cheaper than that when you have all the supplies on hand!

  2. I love it! I think personalized packaging makes all the difference in gift giving -- it turns any hum-drum 'ol store bought gift into a true treasure. Thanks for sharing, and for the comment luv on my site.

    I also noticed your Proverbs 31 Woman button -- love this ministry! I've written for the magazine and attended the She Speaks conference... just amazing women running that thing, they are!

  3. I love it MJ!!! I can't wait to hang it in E's room!! :) ~Mar*

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