Friday, February 18, 2011

Feelin' Blue (and White)

Okay sisters, I went on one of those Target trips this week that started out as "running in for two things" and ended two hours later! Hate it when that happens...time wise and money wise. I actually did more lookin' than buyin' (the Mayor breathes a sigh of relief) and I discovered a few things...first, I would like to sell most of what is in my house and start over. (Okay, Lord I did say SELL, I'm not asking for any natural disasters to wipe out my home or anything) Second, I discovered that my love for all things blue and white is in style!!! Who knew?? I, for once, actually have trendy taste! Cool!

I have always, always LOVED blue, I think it started on the beach in Maine when I was little. My sister and I would spend hours collecting beach glass with my Nana. We would always find tons of clear, green and amber glass which totally makes sense because what did most beach glass start out as?? Beer bottles! So, when we would find even the smallest piece of cobalt blue or aqua glass...treasure! Those two colors, aqua and cobalt blue have always been my favorite colors. And over the years I have favored blue in a lot of my "stuff". We bought blue living room furniture when we got married, my dinner plates are blue, my wine glasses are blue, I have many blue dishes, I bought a beautiful aqua glass lamp from Pier One last year and it makes me very happy. When we picked out the liner for our pool, it had to be one that made the water look "pool aqua-blue", happy, happy!

Anyway, here are some of my blue treasures...

blue pillows (from Target) 

Blue glass bottles in my kitchen window (from Lillian Vernon)
my centerpiece of blue and white glass orbs
(some from Lillian Vernon and some from J's Aunt's garage sale!)

my collection of pottery from Poland (from the Old Forge Hardware Store)
love this stuff, I add one piece every year

Love this...bought this sweet little tray and two bowls in the Japan part of Epcot's world showcase

happy dishes

Now check out the blue and white from Target and tell me you wish you lived on the water and had a sunny room that you could totally decorate in blue and white. Love the blue lamp, double LOVE the pillows, oh my gosh I want it all!!

Nel's smile for the week: Sunshine!! Melting snow!! I unplugged the Christmas lights!!
Nel's frown for the week: Wish we were headed to Disney this week with everyone else we know!

Lulu's smile for the week: VACATION!! No school this week coming up!!
Lulu's frown for the week: My friends are all in Florida!


  1. Girl you definitely live by the water! i consider your pool a wonderful body of water!!! Go for it! Live your blue n white dream you only live once!!!! (heart) J.

  2. the epcot pottery is my fave!! so pretty!! ~*S*~

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