Wednesday, February 16, 2011

will you still be mine?

I wish I could have shown these photos last week prior to Valentine's Day, but that would have ruined the surprise for my seven sisters at our John 3:16 party on Friday night!!  However, for those who missed, enjoy the silly photo;

When I heard ♥J say she was going to be throwing her John 3:16 party this year, I knew I had to do something really fun to get into the spirit (even though Mr Valentine and I are not pink puffy heart in love with the holiday).  I had grand plans about dressing up all out in Valentine's outfits.  Luckily my husband was just as excited as I was willing to go along!

we hopped on over to our nearest Salvo and found him a pair of saweet red pants for $2.99!  I had some red fabric lying around and some extra lace, and about 30 minutes later I had a simple but cute skirt that was screaming out in the holiday spirit. The sunglasses were $3 at JoAnns (meaning our whole outfits came to just 6 bucks!). Mr Valentine's outfit wouldn't have been complete without a pink crochet bow tie though! (just whipped it up without a pattern because I'm awesome like that, hahaha!)

We were just the hit we were hoping to be!  Anyone else go all out for Valentine's Day this year (besides ♥J hehe)?

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  1. S...I can only say that I can't believe we missed seeing this in person!!! Thanks for sharing the photos, hope Mr. Valentine didn't spill anything on his fancy tie ☺☺☺


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