Saturday, February 5, 2011

iron sharpens iron ♥

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27:17 ♥

To go through life and have even a handful of friends who sharpen you, 
means you are blessed
Friends come and go as the seasons of life change, but God knows who to raise up at just the right times when the iron of your life is dull and you're in need of sharpening...

A dear friend of mine recently made me a beautiful prayer shawl for Christmas, that i cherish... while realizing how much time and effort she put into each beautiful consistent stitch, i decided that that's what a friendship is like, it's intentionally taking the time to craft a stitch at a time...with gentleness, goodness, mercy, loving kindness, tenderheartedness, graciousness and love
and in turn this should mirror my relationship with my Heavenly Father, i need to be intentional when it comes to building a relationship with Him...everyday, every hour, every step...without the hands of the blacksmith to run metal against metal, friendship is empty...

For more info and patterns...

Quick Idea...wall decor ♥
Last year we finally got the our family room painted (which the color...i heart...smokey mauve by glidden) then while deciding on what to hang for eye candy...i found this idea...

  Love it? 
i really do...i was so happy with the end result... and the verse is a daily reminder that my words as a wife & mom run as deep waters...♥

(in case your wondering... mirror was from Hobby Lobby...butterflies from Target...and the vinyl decal was from Joann's that i don't think is in print anymore, but it can be done on a silhouette machine...gotta get me one!! hint hint honey)

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  1. and the inspiration for our logo! :) ~*S*~

  2. Great post J!! If this is really a wall in your house...I need a tour!! :0)

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