Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Beat the Winter Break Blues

 Whenever winter break arrives my girls act like they have cabin fever. Now for the most part I will send little L outside to play, but sometimes the weather is too wintery for little girls. So what on earth can we do! After we have baked cupcakes, played dressup, tea party, coloring, I keep scratching my head, think..think.. So this is what I came up with on this blustery wintery day! PUFF PAINT. Gotta love it.
Little L had a white tee shirt and a fabric pen and I let her draw away, anything she wanted. Then I helped her go over it with the puff paint. It turned out so cute and if it is clean it's the only shirt Little L wants to wear. It was a simple way to keep the girls busy and have lots of fun in the meantime! I hope you can beat the winter break blues just like we did!

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