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Free "Heroes for Christ" Valentine's Day Card Download!

As I've mentioned before, my husband and I aren't your usual Valentines celebrators.  Our typical scenario involves a homemade card and a "better than average" home-cooked meal.  We're pretty low maintenance when it comes to the whole "Cupid, draw back your bow" stereotypes (not that there's anything wrong with that! This year I even got a little gift for him! woahhh!).  We do put a lot of thought into our cards though. My husbands' always crack me up, and mine run the gamut from sentimental to funny to weird..(ok, ok we both do).
a Valentine's Day card from my husband in the days of yore

This year, I was feeling sentimental, and wanted to give him a more spiritually inspired card.  I've been reading through Joshua and Judges lately, and in our Friday night Bible studies, we've been going over the same as well.  Now usually I would consider these two books to be "man reading." I mean, give me a love story in Ruth and Esther any day over war heroes and military campaigns, thankyouverymuch.

But, as I read the books, I was surprised to find an idea forming for a Valentine's Day card for my funny valentine.  Some of the manliest men can be found in these books, with the likes of Gideon, Joshua, Caleb, etc.  What a wonderful compliment it could be to be compared to one of God's mightiest warriors!  So, it got me thinking - what does God say about these men?  What were they like? Can I find the qualities of my husband in one of these men?  I decided to focus on three; Joshua, Caleb and Gideon.
  • Joshua - He began as a servant and became a leader.  He was a forerunner for his people, when spying out the Promised Land with Caleb, he was one of the two out of twelve who wanted to encourage the people to obey God and take the land.  He didn't care what other people thought.  When he was in battle, he prayed for help and mercy - he knew he could not face his battles without God, and was certain of God's will for the battle to be won so much so that he commanded the sun to stand still, and God allowed it to happen.  He was a man of action!  He didn't waste time.  His testimony preceded him beyond his days in battle as the Bible says all the days of his life the people worshiped God.
  • Caleb - The Bible says that Caleb chased giants (sons of Anak)....uh...WOW!!  Caleb was confident but calm.  He was the second spy with Joshua who wasn't scared to go to battle for the Promised Land.  The Bible even says when all the Israelites started arguing  and bickering about whether they should fight now or wait, he quieted the people.  I imagine Caleb as someone strong, tall, with a big voice.  He could motivate people, encourage them.  At least three times in the Bible it says that Caleb was someone who "wholly followed the Lord."  Three times!!!  You know God really really means something when he says it more than once!  At the end of Caleb's story, there is even a brief portion describing how he provides land for his daughter.  Can you imagine Caleb as your dad??  He chased giants!  And he was a provider for his family!   
  • Gideon - Gideon was not a trained soldier; he was a humble farmer, but he was a God-fearing one.  He did not seek out fame or honor in battle - in fact, God comes to find him!  Proof that God can use anyone!  God knew that there was something in Gideon that the people needed.  Gideon was someone the people would trust, an obedient hero.  Gideon was careful and planned. He didn't make a move without consulting God and asking several times for God to show him for sure what the right answer was.  God gave him victory in battle, and despite this, Gideon remained a humble spirit with a thankful heart.
At a glance, the men can seem very similar - they are all heroes of war.  But when you take a closer look you can see how different they each are.  Joshua, the fearless man of action; Caleb, the confident and calm motivator; and Gideon, the meek and humble hero.

So, I made a Valentines Day card for each.  I'm calling them my Heroes for Christ Valentine's Day Card Collection! :) The front of the card details characteristics of each Bible character.  On the inside it says "You are my Joshua" (or Gideon or Caleb depending on which card you give).  On the back of the card are a list of Bible verses I used to figure out what each persons characteristics were in my study.  And oh yeah, they're free for you too!  Just click this link, pick which guy your hubby/fiancee/boyfriend is most like, print it 2-sided on card stock (optional: trim the sides a bit after printing), and give!

Caleb                                                                    Gideon

Oh, and I bet you're still wondering which one I'm giving my husband?  He's my very own Gideon. :)  Who would you pick for your Valentine?

 do you like my wrapping? I just used a bit of paint and my thumb to make the fingerprint hearts!

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  1. S..what a great idea, I love it! The cards are beautiful!!! so perfect.. I'm giving one to my hubby :) ....~Mar*

  2. At first I was going to go with Joshua, but after really looking over the other too. He is my 'Caleb' ~Mar*

  3. how AMAZING!!
    I would give the Joshua one to my very own Joshua :)

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