Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mantle Makeover

My husband and I bought our first home last March along with it came alot of painting and what not (you home owners know!).  Well this past October I spent the entire month painting our living room....ahh things take me a little longer with a baby.  Well after hanging a large mirror over our fireplace (which I had envisioned when I bought the mirror seven years ago) I was stumped....a little decorating block if you want to call it.  So I asked my fellow sisters what should I do with this lonely mantle?  "J" suggested I check out Thrifty Decor Chick ( found on our reading list for ideas.  Well I did. While I did not find what I was looking for I did find inspiration...use what you have.  I can do that!  The wheels started turning.
The lonely mantle

What do you think....? I'm not getting much help on the home front. This is what Mr. Wiggles thinks...

So this is how I used "what I have."   The sconces are from our previous home our little townhouse that had been reassigned to the "garage sale box"  and then pulled back out....thinking about spray painting them...the candles are also from the garage sale box, and actually match the room!!!!!  The pots with the "grass" where purchased BUT they where purchased with Pier 1 rewards, no cash out of my pocket!  Now take a look at this next shot....
OK....not really sure what I think of this but I used what I had on hand...the tin was a gift from my bridal shower years ago, that I kept thinking "this is really cute."  I had it filled with pine cones, which previously sat on a coffee table in our old place.  To update the tin I cut floral foam to size and placed it inside the tin.  I then took the "sticks" you can call them (I also had these laying around) and cut them to size, stuck them into the foam and filled in the gaps with the left over pine cones.  Viola! This is what the end product looks like.  I'm not really sure if this turned out looking let me know... leave some love (or hate).  

So this is how I used what I already had laying around....thank you to the reading list, so keep it coming "J"!


  1. I love how you repurposed these items. I would definitely spray paint the sconces dark, and possibly the pots to match. I actually like the tin from your bridal shower with the twigs in it, but not the pine cones. You're mixing two styles. I think the twigs look cool in it. I would spray paint that tin as well to really make it "POP" and move it to the one end of the mantle so its not covering the mirror. We just bought a home in Oct. and I am slowly doing the same thing. Thanks for the ideas. Great start! Hope this helps.

  2. looks like the marshmallow has some competition! look at that tongue! hahaha! so cute! ~*S*~

  3. MJ...I L*O*V*E those sconces!!! I am very glad they were rescued from the garage sale box! Painted a darker color against your lighter walls...amazing! Go do it...right now! I also love the detail on the side pieces of your mantle, very pretty! Nel☺

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