Monday, August 2, 2010

Healthy Eating Just for Kids

Whenever dinner time rolls around do you ever wonder what to serve the kids? I know I do. I grimace at the thought of settling for processed and frozen food. Who says a child can't fall in love with healthy food? I have found as long as I keep it fun and interesting my little girl loves it. She especially enjoys making the dinner with me. She will pull out all the ingredients, do all the pouring and mixing, and in the end she always tries whatever SHE makes. On that note, I love finding creative ways to get my little girl to enjoy eating healthy. Whether it is the secret zucchini in the bread and pasta sauce or onions and parsley in the meatloaf. Every parent knows it is an almost impossible ordeal as soon as the kids reach the dinner table. The whining and crying is almost too much to bare. Well at my house its either eat what's in front of you or go hungry, so there has been a fair share of tears at my house, so I am always finding ways to make meals that are both healthy and appealing to a 3 and a half year old. Just a few days ago I tried out a new recipe. This is always an adventure because I don't know if my little girl will actually eat it or not. So with everything new I always have her at least try it and take a "no thank you bite". So with Giada as my sidekick, I whipped up some Parmesan fish sticks made from wild Alaskan salmon, (we always choose wild rather than farm raised when it comes to fish). Not to mention these were worlds better than any frozen fish stick! And so fast and easy to prepare. The recipe is from Giada's book entitled "Giada's Kitchen".
At first my daughter was a little apprehensive, but after the first bite she said "mom, these are delicious". She finished off her plate and even had a second helping.

(Note: My little girl loves so many of Giada's recipes and I can honestly say that I have never made a recipe of hers that I did not fall in love with)

And so to all the parents out there if you have any suggestions for new recipes that kids love, please share!


  1. I'll take an order of fish sticks please.

  2. Getting a child to eat healthy food and on top of it, FISH also!!!!!!!??????? Good job Mar!!!!


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