Thursday, August 26, 2010

An empty space........filled

There seems to be an empty space in my house. I have a little hallway that leads from the dining room into the bed/bath area and it has some built in cupboards attached to the wall. The whole area underneath the cupboards was empty and just a waste of space. We decided to find something to fill in the empty spot.

We found this dresser at the Salvation Army and although it didn't look like much, it had great potential. It used to be a very dark green, but we sanded it back down to the wood. We had to remove the drawers to do so.

After it was sanded, I primed and painted the piece and purchased new knobs for the drawers. I think it spruced up nicely. All for under $40.00.

It fits so perfectly under that space and I can still utilize the top of the dresser for even more added space.

There is a lot of empty space in our lives and nothing like God to fill the emptiness! He can take us in any condition we are in and turn us into something beautiful.


  1. wow jenn! it looks awesome! was the $40 including the dresser?!? it looks really cool...i like the backboard detail on the top :)

  2. Yes! The dresser was $30.00 from the Salvation army and all the knobs were about $10.00 total!

  3. oh yea, 6 knobs right? ;) hehe. ~*S*~


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