Friday, August 13, 2010

Tears of Sadness and Joy

I am reading a true story of faith, a book called Dancing on My Ashes written by two sisters, Holly and Heather. I have had the book for a couple months but I didn't want to read it because I knew it would make me cry and's summer, I don't want to cry! I finally started it and I want to share it because it is an amazing testimony of two precious women.

Okay, here is the husband is the oldest of five boys who grew up with the youngest boys of a family of nine. Scott was the youngest of the nine and he and Holly were married a couple years after us. We spent time together as newly married couples and they were wonderful friends. Holly and I were pregnant at the same time, our daughter was born in May and their daughter in July. Scott and Holly moved to Vermont to fulfill Scott's calling to begin a Christian outdoor adventure camp for inner-city youth and troubled teens. They both loved the Lord and were on their way to doing amazing things in his name!

I remember when we received the phone call from my mother-in-law....pray, Scott and his brother-in-law, James, are missing. They had gone out to scout good canoe routes for the campers and didn't come home for dinner. I remember praying that they would be safe overnight and if they were hurt, that they would be okay. They were young, outdoor-sie guys, I think we were just waiting to hear that they had been found. We received the call the next day that the two men had been the river...they both had drown.

I remember standing in my driveway with my husband just crying and crying and saying "why? why?" Our dear friend! Holly, a widow! Their daughter, two years old, would never know her daddy! "Lord, why? Why would you take him, he was doing the camp for YOUR glory." It was inconceivable.

At some point during the next few days, someone offered up a reason, maybe someone would come to know the Lord through Scott and James death and this could be the enough of a reason for them to be taken home to Heaven. I remember thinking how ridiculous that sounded...if someone wonderful had to die just so one or two souls could be saved, I wasn't really on board with that plan! Oh...wait...what did I just say? That's what Jesus did for me!

So, this is the story of two sisters who both lost their husbands but not their faith in God's love or his faithfulness. It is a book about coming to terms with our God, who gives but also takes away. It is story that will bring encouragement to anyone who has experienced loss and heartbreak.

For the record, I have cried a few times while I've been reading this but sometimes it was tears of joy over Holly and Heather's amazing strength!

And now... the part you have all been waiting for!

Nel's smile for the week: Visiting with my sister!☺

Nel's frown for the week: People who come out of Wegmans, and walk right in front of your car without making eye contact! I could be a crazy person that's waiting to run you over! (I'm not though!☺)

Lulu's smile for the week: The Raging Rapids water ride at Enchanted Forest Water Safari!☺

Lulu's frown for the week: 2 inch binders that don't come in pretty colors=(


  1. holy cow...awesome J...i'm gonna make this a book we read for the book that one of the girls on the cover? great ya ♥J.

  2. great post as always!!! i have to check this out at the library... ~*S*~


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