Friday, August 20, 2010

Super Sisters (-in-law )

I was contemplating all the different roles we have in life. Some seem to always be in the forefront, for me, the roles of mother and wife are important everyday. But what about daughter? Sister? Friend? I realized, sadly, I am no longer a granddaughter to anyone. My mind did come across a role that I don't often spend much time thinking about and, I regret to say, I could put a lot more energy into. I am a sister-in-law to four wonderful girls, all of whom I love dearly and I should let them know more often.

I grew up with just one sister but marrying the oldest of five boys opened the door for lots more girls in my life! It was fun being the first to marry, of course now we are old and boring, but how neat to watch all the younger brothers find and marry the girls of their dreams! They are all wonderful guys and they all chose wonderful wives! All of us met our husbands in college or after, except the youngest who married her high school sweetheart. (Go Scarlett, way to snatch him up early!!) Three of us met our "perfect match" at the University of Buffalo, as did my husband's parents! Don't worry, we all graduated and have jobs so it wasn't just a campus wide husband search!

So, these four girls are all at very exciting and challenging times in their lives and I realized that I can definitely be an encouragement to them and let them know I am thinking about them and praying for their safety and success. Sis-in-law #1 is a major in the Army and she just deployed this month to Afghanistan. My brother-in-law is already over there. They both have been there before and I thank the Lord that there are people like them who are willing to serve and protect our awesome country! Sis-in-law #2 is just a few weeks away from welcoming her third child (and first son) into the world! She makes being a pregnant mom of two look easy and always has a smile! Sis-in-law #3 was just married last June and is getting ready to finish nursing school. She has had quite a year of change, she is in Washington state and her husband is in Iraq until next month. She was on her own, away from home, but she did it! She is the sweetest person ever and I can't wait to see her again. Finally, sis-in-law #4 will be official on September 18! Wedding day! The last brother to get married but we have known her for years and she is a keeper. I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle.

We were all together at Christmas and the brothers were in another room doing something only interesting to boys so the girls played a board game together. I remember looking around the circle as we laughed about something and realizing how amazing this we are, five girls who would be strangers to each other except that we all married into this family. And now, on Christmas day, none of us are with our own families but that was okay with all of us! We all get along and enjoy spending time with each other! What a rare and beautiful blessing. I am so thankful for these girls and I will try to lift them up whenever I can!☺

Nel's smile for the week: Making peach jam with Lulu!☺
Nel's frown for the week: The amount of calories in McDonalds food!
Lulu's smile for the week: Finding a diamond at Herkimer Diamond Mines!☺
Lulu's frown for the week: Only 2 1/2 more weeks of summer vacation!


  1. And don't forget all your sisters in Christ Nel! :) I only have one sis-in-law, but so glad we are close as well! ~*S*~

  2. If August were a day of the week it'd be a Sunday


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