Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i absolutely ♥ paper dolls....

ok...here's the thing...i'm really obsessed with things of the paper nature...i'm always saving various paper items for different things...recipes, envelopes, scraps of different wrapping papers...especially magazines...i love, love, love magazines and books...with pretty pictures and instructions and lots of good craft/baking/decorating ideas...sometimes i think i'm more fascinated with the acquiring of the papers & books than i am of the actual sitting down and doing of what the paper & books tell me to do...remember mom? when you would give me the good housekeeping magazine when you were done reading it? and i would cut out everything i liked...pictures mostly...and glue them all on a sheet of construction paper...and voila...i had an instant handmade, one-of-a-kind collage...i especially loved the holiday issues when Joan Walsh Anglund would have a page just for little girls with hand drawn paper dolls you could cut out and play with...i used to tear out the whole page and glue it on construction paper before cutting them out (since i figured they would be more sturdy that way) then i would label & sort them in envelopes decorated with stickers (my other favorite thing to do when i was a kid...sticker books! glitter, puffy, scratch n'sniff...) (oh those were the days)...so i found some of them when i was first married buried in some of my craft stuff and i took them out of their envelopes and noticed they were perfectly in tact...i dont think i really ever played with them...it was the gluing, cutting, sorting & labeling that i fancied...hence maybe? my love of "scrapbooking stuff" and my over-analytical obsession with organizing, labeling, and sorting my "scrapbooking stuff" (can i get an amen Nel?)(we were cut from the same cookie cutter)

...soooo anyways....i stumbled upon this super-duper-amazingly-cool website that lets you download and print as many paper dolls as you want and for free! (skies opening up with a hallelujah chorus in background) and the lady who runs the site has alot of the old school paper dolls, you know, the good stuff, from when we were kids and the even better stuff from when out folks were kids...she does recommend you print your dolls on heavy card stock for "durability"...heeelllooo...where was she 25 years ago when i was clipping & organizing my good housekeeping treasures...i could have patented the idea :)...side tracked...anyways girls, I hope you enjoy the website and if you don't and think i'm completely insane...then just post me a comment telling me i'm completely insane...(but i think that's why you guys like me)....


girls i do have to tell you... you all have put gladness in my ♥...Psalm 4.7


  1. I was also obsessed with paper dolls...my mom used to laminate them for me so they'd last longer. I had all the Disney princesses and American girls! ~*S*~

  2. J....I can't wait to print these for little L!!!!!


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